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New Complete starter pack – £59.99 (including 1 black briefcase with 150 samples and a pen, 3 fragrance catalogues, 3 for home catalogues, 3 make up catalogues, 3 Aurile Catalogues, compensation plan booklet, products price list, Welcome to FM GROUP booklet, 1 marketing plan, 1 price list, 1 application form, 1 set of paper sample holders, 1 set of fragrance strips, 1 set of party invitations, 2 receipt pads, 2 Beta-Glucan Samples, 2 Gold Regenesis Samples, 1 Perfumed Body Balm Sample, 3 Aurile Ground Coffee Samples, 4 Foundation Samples, 1 CC Cream Sample) plus £6 for shipping – Total: £65.99 (incl. VAT)

Starter Kit 150 – £48.50 (including 150 fragrance samples, 1 fragrance catalogues,1 for home catalogues, 1 make up catalogues, 1 Aurile Catalogues, 1 Marketing plan booklet, 1 products price list, Welcome to FM GROUP booklet, 1 application form, plus £6 for shipping – Total: £54.50 (incl. VAT)

Mini Starter kit – £11.50 (including 20 fragrance samples, 1 fragrance catalogue, 1 make up catalogue, 1 for home catalogue, 1 aurile catalogue, 1 compensation plan booklet, price list,) plus £6 for shipping – Total: £17,50 (incl. VAT)

Preferred Customer– If you register as a preferred customer, you can buy your products with up to 33% discount, you can update your status to a distributor any time by purchasing a starter kit.

All new members, they can get selected products with up to 65% discount, within 10 days after their registration, do not miss it.

Remarks: All registrations must be paid in advance, by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer

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